Pickup truck under mammatus clouds - near Woodward, Oklahoma
Pickup truck under mammatus clouds - near Woodward, Oklahoma

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Caption   A pickup truck rushes past beneath a sky filled with mammatus clouds in rural western Oklahoma south of Woodward. While threatening in appearance, mammatus aren't themselves dangerous, although the thunderstorm that create them may be.
Photo Id   w9838-ec7e-1cbcc
Date and Time   May 19, 2012   8:23 PM
Location   near Woodward, Oklahoma
latitude 35° 41' 58.9" N       longitude 98° 58' 10.7" W
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Keywords   mammatus, clouds, Woodward, Oklahoma, OK, storm, weather, truck, pickup, thunderstorm, speed, rush, emergency, dramatic, ominous, danger, dangerous, menacing, threatening, risk, peril, hazard
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