About Fred Wasmer

Fred Wasmer, owner of Fred Wasmer Photography

At heart, I am a hunter of special moments; sublime points in space and time where the forces of the world come together to produce something extraordinary. These can be as awe-inspiring as a tornado churning up a field on the sweeping great plains, or as intimate as a songbird performing a mating display in a quiet forest glade.

What these moments share is an intense sense of privilege. I'm left with a feeling of gratitude at being fortunate enough to have witnessed them.

The camera allows me to share these special encounters with you. My goal is to produce images that evoke the strong emotions — awe and fascination; humility, delight, and wonder — that these moments evoke in me.

About My Life

As far back as I can remember, I've loved nature and the outdoors. Growing up on my father's Arkansas farm, my friends and I were outside most of the time, exploring nearby woods and rivers, sometimes camping in an old canvas tent.

I also fell in love with traveling at an early age. My family traveled quite a bit. These weren't wilderness trips — my parents were more of the Holiday Inn persuasion — but we visited many national parks and wildlife refuges, exposing me to the deserts of Arizona, the mountains of Colorado, and the marshes of Florida.

Fred Wasmer photographing coastal brown bears in Lark Clark National Park, Alaska
Fred Wasmer photographing coastal brown bears in Lark Clark National Park, Alaska. Photo courtesy of Bruce Miller.

Finally, I've loved science since I was young. My uncle was a biologist, and he left a legacy to my family. Books. Lots and lots of books. Our house was full of them, on many topics, but it was the science books I read the most.

These loves — nature, traveling, and science — have been the backbone of my life, both personally and professionally. Periodically, they've intersected in a new undertaking: backpacking the Darién Gap rainforest between Panama and Columbia; joining a team studying atmospheric dispersion in the mountains of California; guiding rafts on the white-water rivers of the Appalachians.

Fred Wasmer photographing an approaching hail storm near Sheffield, Texas.
Fred Wasmer photographing an approaching hail storm near Sheffield, Texas.

Through it all, I have taken photos. Originally, I took photos merely as a record of what I was doing — snapshots. But I became increasingly interested in photography, coming to view it as an end in itself. Over the years, I found myself, not taking photos while traveling, but traveling to take photos.

I suppose that isn't surprising. Photography — and nature photography in particular — does nicely involve all of my loves.

About Fiona

Actually, there is one more love in my life.

Fred Wasmer and Fiona Maunsell

No discussion of my photography would be complete without mentioning my wife, Fiona. My companion on many photo-taking journeys, she loves animals and nature, and is a talented bird watcher. I owe many shots to her excellent spotting.

Like myself, Fiona is a traveler — we met on an extended overland trip across Africa. She's originally from Victoria, Australia, where she trained as a veterinarian. More recently, she earned a microbiology PhD at the University of Florida, where she now works.

About Our Cats

We have three cats: Brutus, Clyde, and Polly.

Our cat Brutus
Our cat Clyde
Our cat Polly.  She is polydactyl; she has extra toes on her front paws.

Polly is so named because she is polydactyl — she has extra toes on her front paws.