Sunflowers under approaching storm - Alice, Texas
Sunflowers under approaching storm - Alice, Texas

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Caption   A severe thunderstorm looms above a field of sunflowers on the afternoon of May 27, 2014, west of Corpus Christi and south of Alice, Texas. The blue-green color of the clouds comes from a heavy load of hail suspended in the storm's updraft.
Photo Id   w8146-f414-87949
Date and Time   May 27, 2014   6:50 PM
Location   Alice, Texas
latitude 27° 33' 1.0" N       longitude 98° 5' 51.4" W
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Keywords   storm, thunderstorm, squall line, cloud, hail, severe, weather, Alice, Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Falfurrias, Texas, TX, beautiful, blue, green, yellow, greenage, going green, field, farm, sunflowers, flowers, landscape
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