Lightning and setting sun - Bridgeport, Nebraska
Lightning and setting sun - Bridgeport, Nebraska

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Caption   The setting sun, obscured by an orange curtain of falling rain and hail, appears beneath a brilliant bolt of purple cloud-to-cloud lightning. This dramatic yet beautiful scene was photographed on May 20, 2014, near the town of Bridgeport in the Nebraska panhandle.
Photo Id   w6552-584b-275b6
Date and Time   May 20, 2014   7:42 PM
Location   Bridgeport, Nebraska
latitude 41° 37' 0.2" N       longitude 103° 0' 55.3" W
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Keywords   lightning, storm, thunderstorm, severe, weather, clouds, sun, sunset, rain, hail, rain curtain, Bridgeport, Scottsbluff, panhandle, Nebraska, NE, beautiful, pretty, flash, bolt, stroke, strike, purple, orange, yellow
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