Steam devils - Gainesville, Florida
Steam devils - Gainesville, Florida

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Caption   Steams devils appear above a wet road near Gainesville, Florida. These small rapidly-rotating vortexes, which are similar to dust devils, formed when the sun heated the wet asphalt following a summer rain shower. Note the transparent core of the left-most vortex.
Photo Id   w4161-d82a-95e4d
Date and Time   August 5, 2013   5:28 PM
Location   Gainesville, Florida
latitude 29° 33' 53.1" N       longitude 82° 23' 24.7" W
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Keywords   steam devil, steam whirl, steam funnel, vortex, weather, road, pavement, wet, rotation, rotating, water vapor, condensation, Gainesville, Florida, FL, United States
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