Shelf cloud over grain bins - near Canton, Missouri
Shelf cloud over grain bins - near Canton, Missouri

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Caption   A dramatic shelf cloud looms over grain bins near Canton, Missouri, on the afternoon of June 22, 2015. Shelf clouds form when cold, dense air from a thunderstorm's downdraft flows underneath and lifts warm, moist air surrounding the storm. The blue-green color of the precipitation core comes from hail suspended in the storm.
Photo Id   w3188-4679-cbc2f
Date and Time   June 22, 2015   8:16 PM
Location   near Canton, Missouri
latitude 40° 7' 57.7" N       longitude 91° 32' 34.4" W
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Keywords   shelf cloud, arcus cloud, squall line, storm, thunderstorm, hail, gust front, outflow boundary, downdraft, outflow, weather, Canton, Lewis County, Missouri, MO, United States, grain bin, dramatic, danger, dangerous, ominous, menacing, threatening, frightening, risk, peril, hazard, blue
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