Tornado - near Millsap, Texas
Tornado - near Millsap, Texas

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Caption   A tornado emerges from rain near Millsap, Texas, southeast of Mineral Wells and west of Weatherford. This concave-sided cone-shaped tornado cut a path 400 yards wide and 1.5 miles long, and was rated EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, with estimated peak winds of 100 mph. Five homes sustained significant damage. People can be seen in the foreground photographing the funnel.
Photo Id   w2204-2161-0387d
Date and Time   May 15, 2013   7:12 PM
Location   near Millsap, Texas
latitude 32° 42' 37.0" N       longitude 98° 0' 22.0" W
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Keywords   tornado, twister, funnel, storm, severe, weather, Millsap, Mineral Wells, Weatherford, Fort Worth, Texas, TX, Parker County, road, car, truck, rural, stop sign, people, dramatic, danger, dangerous, ominous, menacing, threatening, frightening, risk, peril, hazard, gray
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